Crafting and Communicating a Powerful Business Narrative 

A Workshop Made For You

Our ½-day live workshops and our 2-hour webinars have been designed for business leaders, managers, and employees who need to gain a better understanding of their entire organization, their workforce, talent and culture.

Our audiences includes:

  • Companies who are undergoing culture transformation at any level within their organization, including:

    • Rapid Growth

    • Merger or Acquisition

    • Corporate Restructuring

  • Business leaders faced with changes in their workforce and their business processes – including global strategies

  • Corporations investing in workforce development activities:

    • Planning

    • Recruiting

    • Onboarding

    • Professional Development

    • Growth and Enablement

    • Retention

    • Leadership Development

    • Succession Planning

  • Companies trying to communicate their brand, corporate identity and product/service offering effectively


The Workshop Team


Ann Hellow
Director of Corporate Storytelling
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Terry Bean
Master Storyteller
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Find Your “Why”

Every great story has six levels within its framework to craft a compelling tale:

  • Who – The Characters

  • Where & When – Scene and Setting

  • What – The Action

  • How – The Way the Story Unfolds

  • Why – Purpose and Motivation

Now, translate that into the story of your business. The story of a business begins with the process of understanding why you’re in business in the first place, and then communicating that message (internally and externally) in a meaningful way.

Most businesses have a clear understanding of Who (Current Staff) is working for them, and the Where/When (History and Location) about their business.

They also understand What they do (Products/Services) and How they do it (Operations). But as an organization, they rarely explore Why (Purpose/Motivation) they are even in business.

The Why is where storytelling begins and impacts the culture, talent and sustainable growth of any organization.

The Result

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify the Why for your business

  • Identify the Why for you as an employee and how your story aligns with the story of your company

  • Craft a meaningful story about your business that encompasses:

    • History

    • Vision

    • Mission

    • Culture

    • People

    • Core Values

    • Purpose

  • Determine best practices for communicating your story internally (to current and future employees)

    • Impact within the Talent Management Life Cycle

    • Internal communications

  • Identify best practices for sharing your story externally (customers, partners, vendors)

    • Marketing & Communications

    • Frequency Marketing

    • Social Media

Workshop Pricing

2-Hour Webinar

  • Unlimited Participants

  • Includes all course materials

  • $2,500.00

4-Hour Live Workshop

  • 8-12 participants

  • Includes all course materials

  • $5,000.00


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