The Crimson Ticket

Willie Wonka did it in gold… In Detroit, we do it in RED.

Now’s your chance to get your own CRIMSON TICKET.

On October 1st at the Monroe ComicCon and on October 7th at the Vault of Midnight in Detroit, one lucky ticket holder will have the chance to redeem their Crimson Ticket for a chance at something truly wonderful…

Folkteller Publishing is creating 10 special edition clamshell, hardcover books. These books will be handmade and signed by the author and illustrator for the lucky winner at each event.

No two books are alike and no more will be made – ever.

Bring it with you to the Monroe ComicCon on October 1st or to the Vault of Midnight on October 7th.

Then you’ll be singing the song from Willie Wonka, Detroit style!

I never thought my life could be
Anything but catastrophe
But suddenly I begin to see
A bit of good luck for me
'Cause I've got a crimson ticket
I've got a fiery, red twinkle in my eye!

Cause I've got a crimson ticket
I've got a fiery chance to make my way
And with a crimson ticket, it's a crimson day!