A thrilling example of young adult historical fiction!

Nain Rouge:
The Crimson Three

"Evil be to those who evil think..."

A legend whispers about a malevolent spirit lingering in the city of Detroit. Now it stirs in its slumber. The Nain Rouge - the fabled Red Dwarf of the Straits - gathers strength. Its power increases with each passing day, and things in Detroit go from bad to worse, with no end in sight. Soon the lengthening shadows reach out to the suburbs, where Elly and Tom grew up knowing very little about evil. But evil knows all about them.

Destiny has chosen the young teens to fight an invisible war that will reveal centuries-old secrets and test the bonds of friendship and courage. As the red tide rises, soon the city and the country will face ruin, and they know the Nain Rouge won't stop there. Before they can protect the world they love, Elly and Tom must learn how to be heroes... and come to grips with the truth of their own shocking legacy.

By weaving very adult issues of downturns, job loss, and recession-effect on families with this dark fantasy tale, Bastian has created a bogeyman we can all believe in - along with a hero and heroine who just might have the drive and energy to turn the city around.

Nain Rouge:
The Red Legend

A Graphic Novel Adventure

Crowdfunded by fans through Kickstarter, this 80-page graphic novel is based on on Part 1 of the Nain Rouge Novel! Written by Josef Bastian and Illustrated by Patrick McEvoy.