Phases of the Moon

Episode I: Phases of the Moon

Folktellers tell the tales that must be told.

In this first book in the Folktellers Series, we meet Aaron. He’s an average, midwestern teen, or so he thinks. When his grandfather disappears under strange circumstances, Aaron learns that he is part of a mysterious world of stories, and that death and danger are hiding just outside his humdrum world.

Accompanied by his friend Jake, and an odd girl from another dimension, Aaron must save his grandfather from the gathering darkness, and the shadowy creatures that thrive within.

In time, Aaron will learn that whoever holds the story, wields the power, and the choices he makes will change the destiny of the entire universe.

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Cave in the Rock
Cave in the Rock

Episode II: Cave in the Rock

Some things should never be opened… ever.

In Book II: Cave in the Rock, Aaron continues to learn what it means to be a Folkteller, while Wendy makes new friends and discovers that stories can be just as powerful and dangerous in her own dimension.

Elsewhere in the Folktellers Universe, an ancient evil continues to fester, as more phantoms try to claw their way out of the Shadow Realm in pursuit of the mysterious Guidebooks.

In a tale where three worlds collide, Aaron, Wendy, Jake, and Eddie Little Bear must come to grips with the fact that their troubles are growing, their lives are intertwined, and an even greater horror waits for them – just inside the Cave in the Rock.

Shadows on the Silver Strings
Shadows on the Silver Strings

Episode III: Shadows on the Silver Strings

Out of the shadows, a leader will rise...

It was inevitable. As more and more shadows infiltrate their world, Aaron, Wendy, Jake, and Eddie learn that what was once just silhouette and smoke has become something much more terrible, tangible and horrifying.

In Book III: Shadows on the Silver Strings, there’s music in the air, and the sound our heroes hear may be the hopeful melody of a brand new day, or a death knell tolling - a harbinger of impending doom.

Their job won’t be easy either, as the Shadow People have found a way to manifest as creatures from myth and legend, wreaking havoc everywhere they go behind their new leader – Apscind.

The Great American Fairy Hoax
The Great American Fairy Hoax

Episode IV: The Great American Fairy Hoax

Do not meddle in the affairs of the imaginary...

This is a great piece of advice that Aaron, Wendy, Jake, and Eddie would do well to follow. Of course, they seldom listen to the sound, safe counsel that might keep them out of harm’s way.

But with Pap gone and the Shadow Lord Apscind growing in power, the four teens are soon stuck in a town that looks strange familiar, yet completely different. There, they will run into two teenagers, Fay and Iris, who have concocted a hoax so incredible that even the Good Folk are stunned.

In Book IV: The Great American Fairy Hoax, our heroes learn there is magic all around them and when you tamper with the balance between the ordinary and the enchanted, you best be prepared for what comes next.

Coming October 2023
The Boy That Never Was
The Boy That Never Was

Episode V: The Boy That Never Was

Find the Master Guidebook, missing for a thousand years...

Our teens are becoming formidable foes of darkness, perhaps too much for their own good.

Now on an Australian mission to help a distressed Museum Director from the creatures of myth and legend, Wendy, Aaron, Jake, and Eddie uncover more and more about the mysteries of the Folktellers, the Travelers, and the Guardians. But Apscind, the Lord of Shadows, is learning right along with them.

In Book V: The Child that Never Was, our intrepid teens travel Down Under to discover an evil unseen, a shadow world growing, and the child who holds the key to the illusive book they seek. The only question that remains is whether they will live long enough to find it.

Coming April 2024
A Clockwork Thief
A Clockwork Thief

Episode VI: A Clockwork Thief

As the map unfolds, another journey begins...

Cartography requires the combined skills of both leading and following. This is an important lesson our undaunted teenagers must learn as their search for the Master Guidebook deepens.

Now, the Storied Trio, Eddie Little Bear and other new friends must travel across Europe and the Far East, confronting Apscind and his mythical minions at every turn. In time, they will uncover the mystery surrounding a mechanical map and the cartographer who’s hidden it away from those with ill intent.

In Book VI: A Clockwork Thief, time is of the essence as our wayfarers must unravel the riddles between the clocks, gateways, and shadows that stand in the way of saving the entire universe. Darkness approaches, the stakes are high, and the race is on to find the one book that should've never existed.

Coming October 2024
The Matryoshka Doll
The Matryoshka Doll

Episode VII: The Matryoshka Doll

Sometimes, despite all our fears, we must risk everything...

It’s been said that in the Folktellers Universe, whoever holds the story wields the power. No one knows that better than our teenaged heroes and the dark lord who seeks to destroy them.

Using the Mechanical Map, they will need to criss-cross the globe and follow the mysterious clues that surround a series of astronomical clocks. Of course, Apscind and his monstrous legions will be there, ready to crush them, steal the book, and seize control of their world.

In Book VII: The Matryoshka Doll, the series comes to a shocking conclusion, one that will leave you breathless, surprised, and stunned. For in the end, Aaron and his friends learn that all stories are intertwined, and when one tale ends, another one is sure begin.

Coming April 2025