Folktellers Universe: Folktellers Series

Folktellers Series

Josef Bastian's Award Winning Book Series

There’s a story in the story
And a wheel within the wheel
Spiraling forever
Through the world in which we feel.
There’s a tale within the fable
Like a gear within the gear
Marking time forever
When the secret is revealed.

Stories that won’t be read must be told...

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Silver Jack Series
Folktellers Universe: Silver Jack Series

Silver Jack Series

From the Folktellers Universe aether, Silver Jack was born.

There are plenty of unsung heroes… But very few who sing about it.

Silver Jack walks through the world carrying his magical silver-stringed guitar, honor bound to do two things - Fight evil where he finds it, and share the stories that need to be told through song.

It’s amazing how such simple duties can lead to so much adventure.

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Nain Rouge Series
Folktellers Universe: Nain Rouge Series

Nain Rouge Series

"Evil be to those who evil think..."

A legend whispers about a malevolent spirit lingering in the city of Detroit. Now it stirs in its slumber. The Nain Rouge - the fabled Red Dwarf of the Straits - gathers strength. Its power increases with each passing day, and things in Detroit go from bad to worse, with no end in sight. Soon the lengthening shadows reach out to the suburbs, where Elly and Tom grew up knowing very little about evil. But evil knows all about them.

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