Episode 1: The Devil’s Itch

Episode I: The Devil’s Itch

Silver Jack finds a lonesome bluesman (Robert Johnson) by the side of the road and learns that a deal with the devil is never all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you’re willing to bet double-or-nothing against your own soul.

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Strings of Fate
Episode 2: Strings of Fate

Episode II: Strings of Fate

In this telling tale, we learn how Jack came to possess the six magical strings on his wondrous guitar, running into the Three Fates, a giant and a pre-historic lion all inside the hills, valleys, and hollows of North Carolina.

Coming June 2024
Just Like Christmas
Episode 3: Just Like Christmas

Episode III: Just Like Christmas

Jack heads down to New Orleans and finds out life in the Big Easy is harder than it looks. In the face of an impending hurricane, Jack steps in to help fellow folk hero, Annie Christmas, regain the source of her power, while battling ghosts, vampires, and old ways of thinking all along the way.

Coming June 2024
The Last Wish
Episode 4: The Last Wish

Episode IV: The Last Wish

San Francisco is much more than bays, bridges, and street cars. Here, Silver Jack learns that no matter where you are in the world, evil can take on many forms to find you. And when it does, you better be ready, for you never know what may emerge straight out of the fog.

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Episode 5: The Flatwoods Occurrence

Episode V: Turtleback

Leave it to Silver Jack to make an adventure out of a relaxing vacation at the Governor’s Summer Home on a secluded island in the Great Lakes. We have a sinking feeling that when a Native American spirit gets restless, it will take a seasoned storyteller to fix what has been broken for centuries.

Coming June 2024
The Flatwoods Occurrence
Episode 5: The Flatwoods Occurrence

Episode VI: The Flatwoods Occurrence

Are they fairies or aliens? Silver Jack has seen a lot in his lifetime and he knows the veil between worlds is much thinner than most people realize. What he fails to recognize is that when you get too close to the border of reality and fantasy, you risk getting pulled to the other side. And when you reach the far shore, there is no way to get home again.

Coming June 2024
Episode 6: Burrows

Episode VII: Burrows

What does a 70’s punk club, a desperate owner, and hidden pirate treasure have in common? The answer lies at the heart of Silver Jack’s problems. Now, our troubled troubadour must traverse the subterranean world of New York City to find what is lost before time runs out – for everyone.

Coming June 2024